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Tammi Williams, MD

Dr. Williams grew up in Philadelphia and has lived most of her adult life in the South.  She loves a good (true Philly-Style) cheesesteak and "stick-to-your-bones food- Ribs, Fried chicken, and Mac' and Cheese”.  She is a lifetime runner who attended college on a Track and Field scholarship, and has run the Boston and New York marathons, among others.  She is also married to a runner who is an Olympic Gold Medalist (Montreal 1976 USA 4x100 relay).  She says she loves sports-particularly Football and Basketball.  She attended the University of Alabama and says Alabama football is a true illness/major addiction (ROLL TIDE!).  She also lived in North Carolina for nearly 30 years, so the Duke/Carolina Basketball rivalry is fun for her as well.


Dr. Williams says music is a major part of her life as well.  Her father was a member of a band with a 1 Hit Wonder and is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Her older brother DJ'd with Will Smith in Philadelphia (before he became Will Smith), and her son is a Director at Capital Records in L.A.  She says she can't sing, or play an instrument, but she can dance, and music is a part of her because it is all around her. 


Dr. Williams enjoys Women's Health because she truly feels passionate about helping others.  She likes giving women a safe space to voice their concerns and understand their life transitions.  She says, "there is so much false information available to everyone, that weeding through what is correct and what pertains to each individual is important."   She says she is not trying to change the world, but if she can make a small impact in the lives of a few, she feels like her work is done. 

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