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At MomDoc, our commitment to the highest level of patient care is evident right when you walk in the door.

Our Living Room model is designed to give you the most personal and efficient experience right at check-in.

A MomDoc Concierge (a trained medical staff member) greets you the moment you arrive. She will thank you for coming in, discretely verify your contact information and insurance on her iPad, and collect your copay.

Most of the time, the MomDoc Concierge can take you straight back to the exam room and get started on your medical history.


At the end of the visit, your MomDoc Concierge will send lab and prescription orders to your lab or pharmacy electronically, schedule any necessary follow-up appointments, and perform any other check-out procedures needed. She will then escort you back to the Living Room with a smile and a thank you.


Long before COVID-19, our Living Room model was developed for each patient to receive the highest level of personal care, with a limited number of human interactions.  In our Living Room, interactions with other patients are extremely limited, in that there is very little time spent waiting with other patients.

At MomDoc, our concern for your safety is paramount, and we take every precaution to ensure you receive safe, comfortable, and convenient care.

When you see MomDoc you only interact with the

MomDoc care team.

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