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Hannah Millard, WHNP

Hannah completed her undergraduate degree in Science and Biology from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI.  It was during this time that she was involved in an organization called AQ Believes, whose goal was to advocate for women who were survivors of sexual violence.  She feels that her involvement in this organization kindled her passion for Women’s Health, and ultimately led her to Vanderbilt University where she completed her Master of Science in Nursing.  She says her mother was a nurse, and she grew up discussing Women’s Health topics as part of everyday conversation.  She was surprised to learn that those topics aren’t as readily discussed elsewhere, and would like to see those conversations normalized. 

Hannah is an avid gardener, and loves animals. She has a dog, a cat, and 3 aquariums.  She also loves Arial arts, and is actively involved in Arial Hammocks, silks, and hoops. 

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