Kelly Hosner, CNM

Kelly has been a CNM since 2018, prior to that she has over 30 plus years’ experience as an RN in multiple areas of Women’s and Children’s health. Primarily in Labor and Delivery, assisting hundreds of mother’s bringing life into the world. Kelly also served as a High Risk- Perinatal Flight Nurse, where she transported sick moms and babies throughout the West to higher levels of care. She has worked with sick babies in the Neonatal ICU and adults in the Adult ICU.

Kelly believes her passion to serve Women and Children has been a lifetime Calling since she was a child. She grew up in a small suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, next to a small Community Hospital. Around 9 years old, at least twice a month, Kelly and her best friend would sneak into the lobby of that hospital. (Children were not allowed in hospitals back then).  When no one was watching, they would ride up the elevator, quickly go past the nurses with white hats, and then would stand on the ledge to admire all the beautiful babies lined up in a row. 

(She is sure the nurses eventually caught on, and were kind enough to let her continue).

Kelly moved to Arizona in 1983, received her Associate Degree in Nursing from Scottsdale Community College, Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Grand Canyon University, her Master’s Degree in Midwifery and Family Nursing, from Frontier Nursing University, and is in the process of finishing her Doctoral Degree from Frontier University as well. She has been married to her husband Kevin for 28 years and has four children. She has two daughters that are RN’s, a son that flies in the United States Air Force, and her youngest son finishing college.

Kelly wants her patient’s to know that it is her privilege to provide care to women throughout their lifetime. From walking beside them during Childbirth/Postpartum, to Gynecological issues of all ages. She also wants to emphasize that she listens, and has always persevered to provide excellent care to her patients.